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We give our best effort - so they can give theirs.

At Children's Hospital & Medical Center's Sports Physical Therapy Clinic, our providers understand that children are not simply small adults. Rather, in combination with the type and severity of injury, a child's development guides the rehab process to provide safe and effective treatment. Our experts manage a wide variety of injuries, including overuse, traumatic and post-surgical conditions in children, adolescents and college-age athletes.

Because exercise and an active lifestyle are important parts of development, our goal is to return your child to the activity of choice as quickly and safely as possible, while decreasing the risk of future injury.

To do this, we specialize in assisting young athletes by offering three primary service areas:

Rehabilitation - treatment of injuries that occur following a sports-related injury
Injury Prevention & Performance -
designed to reduce the risk of injury in general while improving the ability to safely participate in select activities, like running and throwing sports
Analysis -
detailed examination and assessment of physical characteristics that contribute to sports performance

At Children's Sports Physical Therapy Clinic, our program seamlessly integrates these core services through:

  • A customized rehab program designed based on a detailed evaluation of each athlete
  • Treatment and exercise to help each child maximize his or her potential using advanced pediatric rehab techniques and cutting-edge tools and equipment
  • Ongoing consultations with the athlete, parents/guardians, family, coach and physician to help each child reach his or her goals
  • Sports injury prevention programs to help the athlete stay healthy and minimize the risk of re-injury
In partnership with the Sports Medicine Clinic at Children's Hospital & Medical Center