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Injury Prevention

Optimal, injury-free athletic performance. That’s our goal too.

At Children’s Hospital & Medical Center’s Sports Physical Therapy Clinic, we want to be your athlete’s injury prevention and performance partner. We have the expertise, leading-edge tools and passion to help each of our young athletes achieve their goals by working to reduce the risk of injury through strengthening, specific exercises and appropriate techniques. We also use extensive testing to determine areas that may contribute to an individual athlete's risk of injury and address areas of weakness through an individualized program both inside and outside of the clinic.
Our injury prevention tools include:
• High-speed video analysis for running, throwing, jumping and landing
• Advanced strength testing
• Ground reaction force and dynamic balance through the use of a research-grade force plat.
• One-on-one or group training

Our injury prevention services are especially helpful for young runners and young throwers to encourage a safe, effective return to running, throwing and other sporting activities while reducing future injuries and improving performance. In addition, our program also is effective when working with instrumentalists, singers, dancers and actors at all performance levels. 

In partnership with the Sports Medicine Clinic at Children’s Hospital & Medical Center.